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NewSeptic is a septic system design software that assists in the Design of Residential Septic Systems. NewSeptic will design Spray Distribution Systems, Mounded Leaching Systems, and Leaching Trenches (LTF) septic systems and allows for many configurations of each. NewSeptic performs many septic design functions ie; analyzing soil reports, sizing the distribution area, generating hydraulic profile and cross sections spec sheets, dosing calculations, construction notes, and pump selection to name a few. The software lets you configure and download your design plan in pdf format. Try out our example or get started with your next project.

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Customer Testimonials

"Being a septic installer I would always use a septic design company for my mound and spray systems, because of the ease of use with NewSeptic I am now able to provide my customers with their designs at a quicker and cheaper rate." - Shawn Kungle

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We Source Local Products Near Your Projects

NewSeptic maintains a database of septic system products, and distributors of those products. We use this septic system product database to select local products for your site. Septic system design plans require the use of products which will be used in the installation. If you design a system without our software and you don't know the products that local contractors use it will have to be re-done to use those components the installer uses.

We Keep Tabs on Local and State Regulation Changes

NewSeptic keeps track of local and state regulations. We use this information to show you the best septic system options for your project. We want you to focus on the details of your project that matter and never be side-tracked again by extra requirements that were not included in your original bid. We give you project materials requirements on our title page of our plans so you can bid jobs more accurately than ever before.

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