How do I design a System With NewSeptic?

  1. First, you have to register and log in to use the website. Click Login if you have an existing account. If you do not have an account click Register
  2. Once logged in you can enter soil reports conducted by a soil scientist

    See "How Do I Enter a Soil Report?" for more information on this topic
  3. You view the returned information from the soil analysis algorithm

What Services Does NewSeptic Provide?

NewSeptic offers a number of unique services all under one platform, as a pay per property model.

  • Soil Report Management. Enter and send soil reports
  • Options for Wastewater Treatment based on the soil information
  • Local Product Selection
  • Pump Selection Algorithm
  • Unlimited PDF Plan Generation Per Property

How Much does Use of NewSeptic Cost?

We are offering our services at a low rate of $99/month. The least expensive design plans cost $800 and the most expensive we have seen up to $2,000. Why wait for a designer, when you can take charge of your project with our tools. For our price, we give a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

How Do I Enter a Soil Report? has broken down a complex soil report into 3 steps. We acknowledge that entering this report can be a tedious thing. We have attempted to make this process as easy as possible. If you are at anytime having problems entering the form details, we can enter them for you.
Just send us the report via email at

Step 1: Enter property information

Step 2: Enter Individual Test Hole/Auger/Probe Locations

Step 3: Enter Soil Profiles