Our Ohio based company works for you

Our Mission: Help customers rapidly design accurate and cost effective onsite wastewater treatment systems.

Our Promise: If you pay for our services, you will have a septic design plan for your project that is our best economical recommendation. We are so confident in our services and the benefits of NewSeptic, we guarantee a design plan!

Who We Are

Carl Preusser


I got my start in this industry as a regulator. My job was to understand the regulations governing onsite wastewater treatment and have the technical knowledge to review design plans and installation work. If this work wasn't completed properly, septic systems could fail or not work properly.

With the passing of new regulations governing sewage treatment systems, the design plan process became more and more complex. Contractors were now required to show calculations concerning justification of loading rates to soils and proving engineering calculations regarding pressure systems.

As I reviewed wastewater design plans, I realized contractors were struggling to generate plans due to lack of time required. I formed a company now called Geo Logic, LLC in 2007 to begin creating accurate and readable residential wastewater treatment design plans. Since that time, I have been developing NewSeptic with the dream of making residential onsite wastewater design as simple as clicking a button. I've worked with many talented people with combined experience of over a century of designing and installing systems which work. I've included that knowledge into this software all at an inexpensive and reliable product.

Jim Brown

Co-Founder/CAD Designer

Jim joined the NewSeptic team around 2008 when it was still just a concept. Since then he has created many easy-to-read wastewater design templates which is core to our goal to simplify onsite wastewater treatment planning. Jim has a knack for designing complex diagrams in a manner that translate to all.

Jim received his Bachelor in Environmental Biology from Heidelberg University in 2007 and has a passion for being outdoors. He started an onsite wastewater treatment design company, SepticSage, LLC, in 2013.

Jim and Carl met at a Drip Distribution onsite wastewater treatment training conference, and from there they began discussing how the onsite wastewater planning process could use a helping hand.

It's not only a goal of NewSeptic to simplify the wastewater planning process, but also to assist in making sound environmental, sustainable, and ecological building decisions and Jim is helping bring those concepts to life.