The Benefits of NewSeptic

Soil Analysis

One thing we found in order to create NewSeptic was that we had to admit something...Septic System Planning is Hard!

Septic planning is so difficult because a number of factors. Basically septic systems have to disperse potentially lots of water generated in a home and distribute that into the soil on the property. This means that one needs to analyze the existing drainage and soil properties of the site where the system will be planned.

Additionally, regulations vary from one state to state and even vary from county to county. NewSeptic learned early that finding a means to abstract varying regulations for septic system planning and provide a seamless delivery of options for septic treatment was crucial to our septic design software.

Store all your Jobs Online

NewSeptic saves your design work, soil reports and property information online. Access it anywhere you have internet service. Search in your projects for any particular job by typing any detail about the project to filter your list.

You can also keep your current projects separate from past work. We store your old jobs in an archive section

Septic System Design Options

NewSeptic septic design software analyzes soil inputs provided by our users and delivers a consistent set of septic treatment options based on the local regulations of the new project.

We are confident in our analysis and provide full design assistance if you run into problems.

Pump Selection

Septic systems often require pump systems to overcome changes in elevation or are required for pressurizing pipes and flow. Pump systems require proper sizing or they can fail. Sizing pumps require calculating friction losses and heights to pump to and system flows.

we select the same pump thats best

NewSeptic analyzes your system requirements and selects your best pump product option. NewSeptic is the only multi-product pump selection septic system software.

Our septic system design software not only selects your best pump option, NewSeptic also shows you a list of other viable pumps which meet your system requirements as well.

get a non-biased list of viable pumps

Pdf Templates

One of the most powerful features of NewSeptic is our ability to serve you up a multi-page design plan which is understood by contractors. Literally there are greater than 1,700 different plan templates that NewSeptic selects from and puts together a custom design plan behind the scenes.

All you have to do is change a few parameters and download a plan. If you have to make a few changes to your plan our septic design software will let you just download a new plan. Don't ever mess with templates again or incomplete excel spreadsheets again. NewSeptic is the only complete septic system design software that delivers quality plans for download.

Custom Mapping Solution

NewSeptic offers a custom mapping solution for the septic system and onsite wastewater industry in Ohio. We have a number of custom drawing tools, including everything you need to generate a custom scaled map and export it to a pdf for printing or emailing to regulators.

You can learn more about all the custom mapping tools here with our guide

Septic system design plans require a map showing the layout of the septic system components in relationship to the property line, buildings, hardscapes, etc. Maps are time consuming to make and often require a mapping software with heavy time investment and sometimes a money investment.

NewSeptic is continually building our mapping application. We are expanding our GIS, or geographic information system data. The ability to analyze a property should be as simple as searching for a property and seeing your options.
A statewide or even countrywide database was not possible just a few years ago. Now data is readily available, elevation and contour data, sewer data, property lines, rainfall data, wetland areas, etc. All of this data should be considered when sizing a new septic system on a property.

This software was developed with this concept in mind. That users should be able to tap into all the data, to get a clear picture of the best option.

GPS Technology

At the time of writing this, highly accurate GPS sensor technology will soon become so inexpensive, that any company can afford centimeter-level accurate GPS sensors for their business.

Most septic system mapping must be as accurate within 1 foot. Isolation distances must be ensured that they are met including distances to creeks and parcel boundaries.

GPS sensors makes plotting spray head, leach line, mound system locations simple.

Most septic system mapping must be as accurate within 1 foot. Isolation distances must be ensured that they are met including distances to creeks and parcel boundaries.

NewSeptic offers the ability to export your mapping of components through our custom mapping application point export feature.

Product Specifications

New septic system treatment products come out every year. Companies are making advancements in treatment technologies. This makes it difficult to select the products which are close to the job site and also determining which products are the best for the job.

NewSeptic keeps track of products you use in your designs

For every plan you generate we track the actual products you use in your design.

Products URL

Our software generates a short website link with a 4-8 digit code unique to your plan you generated. This link will be available and offers a list of products, and also the links to download each product specification sheet...that's right, we keep track of all your product spec sheets so you don't have to!

The product link on the front page