Types of Septic Systems

Some types of new septic systems are complex and require accurate septic design plans. New Septic is providing the vision of simplifying these plans to Our customers.

New Septic is providing the tools for the first time to truly find the best economical and viable septic system for any property. We are offering septic design software tools that are connected to our powerful products/distributor database.

Septic systems vary in types and complexity. Often, historically, septic systems were designed based on a cookie-cutter method. The problem with this approach was that site conditions vary greatly. The realization was that each property and piece of land utilized for septic system planning needed to be treated independently. That's why New Septic decided to build our platform to simplify septic planning.

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Onsite Treatment Systems Overview

There are many different types of septic systems, made up of a mix and match of different components. The potential list literally could be an endless combination of different wastewater products, yet all have the main goal of treating wastewater generated at a property safely and effectively. Here are listed a few commonly used treatment components and links to more information about each one: